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ReplCache: dynamic caching in the cloud

ReplCache is based on PartitionedHashMap, which distributes keys and values across nodes, but adds variable replication.
This means that, for each element (key/value pair) to be added, a user can indicate how many times (replication count) the element should be stored in the cloud.
For instance, a replication count of 1 means the element should be stored in the cloud only once, on a node determined by the consistent hashcode of the key.
A replication count of -1 means the element should be stored everywhere, that is, on every node in the cloud. This means that the element is highly available, but the disadvantage is that we also waste memory.
A replication count of K (where K < number of cluster nodes) means that an element will be stored K times. Unless K cluster nodes crash at exactly the same time, the element will always be available.
The article can be found at here (HTML) and here (PDF).
The code can be downloaded here.
There is a 5 minute flash demo of ReplCache at demos.html.

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