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JGroups workshops

The workshops are 4 day courses on the following topics:

  1. Tue: API (introductory)
  2. Tue: building blocks (RPCs, distributed counters, locks etc) (medium)
  3. Wed/Thu: advanced topics and protocols (advanced)
  4. Fri: admin stuff (medium)

The workshops will be a mixture of presentations (70%) and labs (30%). We will have labs on all important topics. I'm teaching the workshops myself, so if you have any JGroups questions, I should be able to answer them... :-)

We will have no more than 15 (in some locations 20) attendees, so there should be enough time to answer all (also off-topic) questions.

A detailed outline of the contents is here.

For questions contact me: belaban at yahoo dot com.


To get the early bird discount, use code EARLYBIRD when registering.

Quotes from attendees

"Didaktisch war der Kurs fast perfekt aufgebaut [...] Alles in allem war das der beste Workshop den ich bisher besucht habe und man merkt, dass Bela Ban in der Cluster-Group Materie definitiv zu den weltweit führenden Experten gehört. [...] Besonders hervorheben möchte ich, dass es faszinierend ist, wie Bela komplexe Themen einfach darstellen und erklären kann." (Dominik Obermaier, CTO bei dc-square GmbH)

"I have not had so much fun with learning since freshman times... It made me want to go back to school. I was by far the best training I have ever attended" (Cyrus M Vahid, Principal Domain Architect Middleware-DACH, Red Hat)

"I've worked with JGroups before, even on a deeper level than a usual application level approach, but still have taken an amazing insight into bunch of mechanisms behind JGroups out of this course. I'm recommending it to complete your big picture of the technology, even if you're more advanced." (Michal Linhard, Senior Java Developer at INNOVATRICS, Slovakia)

"I have been working with JGroups since past 2 years and know most of it, but the deep dive that I was offered by attending the workshop helped me learn far more than I knew. I explored so many valuable components that I can now use to effectively troubleshoot issues in less time. I recommend this workshop to all people using JGroups even though they think they are well-versed in it." (Pooja Khambhayata, Senior Software Engineer in IPC Systems Inc., R & D)

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